The Panda is a bear that inhabits South Central China. Its most recognizable traits are its black and white coat and very round body. Though technically falling under the order of CarRead morenivora, the panda eats mostly leaves and bamboo shoots in the wild. They have been known to consume birds, rodents, and carrion, but tubers and shoots make up 99% of its daily diet. They may be fed specially prepared foods when in domestic captivity. Such foods are honey, eggs, fish, yams, oranges, and bananas. Photowall pays tribute to this lovable creature with its own line of Pandas canvas prints. These images depict this cute and cuddly animal as it is seen by the rest of the world. Hang a few of these Pandas canvas prints on the walls of your living room, and infuse the space with levity and delight. Your family and guests will find ever more ingenious reasons to linger in this area with all these Pandas canvas prints in them. Make them feel as though they are in a bamboo jungle in China, watching these animals play and care for their young with these Pandas canvas prints all around them. There will never be a dull moment in your home with these Pandas canvas prints.

Cute in Pandas canvas prints

The Panda makes its habitat in the mountain ranges of central China, particularly in the Sichuan province. They have been forced to leave the lowlands that were once their home because of excessive, farming, deforestation, and the ravages wreaked by modern human development. They are now considered an endangered species with many of them now living under captivity and a very fragile number still existing in the wild. Photowall lets you have a glimpse of this amazing animal with “Panda Cub”, “Baby Panda”, and “Sweet Panda” in its unique collection of Pandas canvas prints. These images showcase some of the younger pandas that exist in the world today. Hang a few of these Pandas canvas prints in your recreation room and feel the comfort and excitement factor ratchet up exponentially. Playing grown-up games will never be more thrilling than with these Pandas canvas prints on the walls around you. You may also wish to display a few of these Pandas canvas prints in your lounging den. Increase your level of relaxation and calmness with the help of these Pandas canvas prints in the room.

Cuddly in Pandas canvas prints

The dragon is the traditional symbol for China. But, over the years, the Panda has taken its place in some of the more significant facets of the world stage. It appeared in 1982 on the Gold Panda Bullion Coins, and again during the Beijing Olympics as one of their mascots. They have become so popular that, in 1988, a zoo in Tainan province painted a sun bear black and white to deceive people that it was a Panda. This was the notorious Tainan Fake Panda Incident. Photowall gives you, even more, to admire with “Little Red Panda”, “Ryan Fowler-Panda”, and “Panda Trees” in its fine line of Pandas canvas prints. These images feature other, lesser-known species of this animal, such as the Red Panda. Hang a few of these Pandas canvas prints in your private study or mini-library, and imagine you are a world-renowned zoologist, studying the behavior and habits of this amazing creature. You may even choose to display these Pandas canvas prints in your hallways, to make the trek from room to room an exercise in amusement and whimsy. There is practically no room or wall where these Pandas canvas prints cannot bring joy and light.

Iconic and precious

Several popular world organizations have chosen the Panda as the symbol for their cause. The World Wildlife Fund features this amazing bear in its logo. As well as countless food chains that serve Chinese dishes all over the world. In Hollywood, the Panda has claimed its seat as one of the most iconic creatures on the planet with the countless number of films that have been made in its honor. But the image of the cute and lovable Panda is quite deceptive. There is a very good reason why they are kept in very deep enclosures when in captivity. Despite its cuddly appearance, approaching and trying to touch one of these creatures is a very dangerous proposition indeed, as they have been known to attack humans when they feel threatened. Photowall shows you more of this remarkable creature with “Giant Panda Cub”, “Kiss of a Panda”, and “Panda Valley” in its remarkable collection of Pandas canvas prints. These images show us this amazing creature in its natural habitat. Hang a few of these Pandas canvas prints atop your bed, in your sleeping area, and feel as though you are closing your eyes among one of the most lovable creatures in nature.
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