A foal is a baby horse up to one year of age. The male of the gender is called a colt, while the female version is called a filly. Those that are still consuming milk from their motheRead morers are called sucklings. After a year, the foal is called a yearling. Foals differ from ponies because the latter are small-sized equines that, after a certain time, regardless of their size, can be used for riding or working. While a foal is too young to be actually ridden or put to work and grows up to be tall, with extremely long legs and majestic bodies. Photowall gives tribute to these heartwarming young creatures in its line of foals canvas prints. These prints feature these extraordinary young animals in all their juvenile glory. These foals canvas prints are guaranteed to melt the hearts of all who behold them and would look awesome in your living room or mini-library. There is an almost inexhaustible range of colors and designs in these foals canvas prints for the meticulous animal lover to choose from. Hang these foal canvas prints in the sleep areas and playpens of your kids, and watch as they sit awestruck at these cute images.

Wonderful in foals canvas prints

Foals are born after being in their mother’s womb for eleven months. Mares commonly give birth at night to protect their vulnerable selves from predators. Foals enter the world with the capacity to stand up and move and can gain nearly a kilogram of weight in a day. Photowall honors this magnificent youngling with “Two Foals”, “Young Foal”, and “White Horse” in its unique collection of foals canvas prints. Feel as though you’re out on the farm at the end of the day when you gaze upon these foals canvas prints. Life on the range is never easy but is always satisfying, and adventure is just on the next bend. Let these foals canvas prints transport you to a place where man and beast share a symbiotic bond. Display these magnificent images beside your dining table and invite some guests over for lunch. They are sure to fall in love with the images of these lovable young horses. Position them in your study to offer you a brief respite after reading volumes of your favorite books. These foals canvas prints are guaranteed to wash away the weary urban dweller’s cares at the mere sight of them.

Magnificent in foals canvas prints

A foal begins eating solid food at around ten days after birth. Remember not to feed it too much, or this can lead to certain growth disorders. Rufus Sewell’s magical novel Black Beauty documents the amazing life of a black stallion, from the time it was a foal, to its old age. This novel is one of the most beloved pieces of contemporary literature. Photowall lends this charm to your home with “Horses”, “Horse and Foal”, and “Shetland Ponies” in its amazing collection of foals canvas prints. These wonderful images depict the love of mothers for their young ones. Let these pieces in foals canvas prints adorn the rooms of your children and teach them about the unconditional love that a parent has for its offspring. These images serve not only as splendid adornments but may also be used to impart solid values in your little ones. Teach them the virtues of loyalty as well as independence using the example of foals and their parents. Marvel at the magnificence of these fine young animals and feel as though you’re a part of the circle of life itself with these amazing foals canvas prints.

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There are several horses in literature and film that began their stories as foals. In Greek mythology, the god of strength Hercules adopted a winged foal and cared for it till it grew up to be the magnificent flying steed Pegasus. In the film, The Lone Ranger, the hero reared a white foal that matured to be the legendary horse Silver. Photowall gives you even more of these wonderful animals with “Shetland Pony Foal”, “Thoroughbred Horses Cuddling”, and “Hennessy Arabian with Foal” in its unique collection of foals canvas prints. Invite your friends over who are animal lovers for an afternoon of coffee and cookies while they admire these remarkable and eye-opening images. More examples of these brilliant images are “Shetland Ponies Foal and Mother”, “Shetland Pony Foal in Buttercup Field”, and “Irish Cob with Foal”, these heartwarming images depict the young foals with their mothers in their natural habitat. Display these amazing prints in your living room or recreational area to help you ease away your burdens after a hard day at the office. Sit with your favorite glass of brandy and gaze on these comforting prints to help you decompress. Grab your own collection of foals canvas prints today.
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