You can have a truly elegant theme in your interior design with Photowall's excellent lineup of high quality swans canvas prints. These birds have long been featured in fairytales, myRead moreths and legends due to their beauty and pure appearance. Use their natural grace to decorate your home, office or hangout spot with our beautiful swans canvas prints. There are unique designs, gorgeous colour schemes and plenty of variety to satisfy your needs and preferences. Swans canvas prints are the perfect way to add style to any room since they also have long been a favourite motif of designers and artists. As per usual, you can adjust your selected swans canvas prints to go along with, or contrast, your existing interior design, overall aesthetic and other decorative aspects.

Variety of swans canvas prints

Diversity is always important because it provides you with different options for different scenarios. This is especially true when it comes to interior design because decoration can always change, particularly in terms of colour. Swans canvas prints luckily have more than enough alternatives that can aid you in making the best of your wall space. You can use real life photographs like "Mute Swan", which is a beautiful scene that evokes emotions of peace and calm. Swans canvas prints also have true works of art like "Swans Paradise" that can give your interiors a different vibe. The ethereal beauty of these birds is also perfect for children's spaces, such as the bedroom, study area or play pen. The youngsters will be delighted to have something like "Icy Swan Lake", for example, as the focal point in their room. If you want a more dramatic feel, maybe the swans canvas print "The Swan" is more for you. In a simple but appealing way, it really captures the beauty of this bird as well as the refinement and nobility, even.

Staple of culture

Many of the cultural aspects of swans canvas prints refer to the best-known example of the species, which is the Mute Swan of Europe. Alternately, the best known story about swans is The Ugly Duckling fable, which we all know somehow. The story centers around a duckling that is mistreated until it becomes evident he is a swan and then accepted into the habitat. He was mistreated because real ducklings are, according to many, more attractive than a cygnet, yet cygnets become swans, which are very attractive creatures. Thus, swans canvas prints can also become like a symbolic representation of transforming something seemingly "ugly" into something beautiful. "Golden Swan Lake" is the perfect example of this, a swans canvas print that can change any interior into a truly spectacular and memorable place. This motif can expand the dimensions of the room as well as providing incredible beauty and charm.

Information in swans canvas prints

Although some reside in Australia, New Zealand, and South America even, swans are more commonly found in the northern hemisphere. These birds really live up to their reputation of being very beautiful. Their elongated, curved necks and white feathers make them stand out amongst the lakes and rivers they reside on, as you will see in swans canvas prints. Despite their gentle appearance, they are quite large birds and can weigh up to 15 kilograms, measuring anywhere from 1.5 to 2 meters in length. Their wingspans are usually between 2 to 2.5 meters as well, which you can see in swans canvas prints such as "Boudoir". This beautiful motif combines the natural beauty of this bird with the gorgeous artistry of painting. Despite popular belief, swans can actually fly but need about 25 meters to become airborne. This wonderful sight is perfectly captured in swans canvas prints such as "Spirit of a Swan" and "Whooper Swans at Dusk".
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