Themed Children’s Rooms

Of all the rooms in a family house, the children’s are by far the most fun to decorate. Choosing a theme can provide your little ones with endless hours of fun and laughter. Whether it’s a sailor theme for your beautiful boy, or a Disney palace for your perfect princess, creating a themed room is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

Lively Nursery

The excitement of a new arrival coupled with nursery decoration is such a delight. A new baby adds so much brightness into your life - use this as inspiration and make your baby’s nursery themed around lively colours. Our Cool Multi-coloured Wall Mural is perfect to make a colour statement. Add some colour pops in your baby’s room to help add brightness and minimalism. Multicolours work well as you’re not limiting yourself to a certain shade, while still stimulating their mind.

The key to an organised nursery is storage, and using multicolours allows you to comfortably camouflage your storage – add in some self-adhesive wall mural on wardrobes to coordinate with the style of your baby’s room.

Jungle Rumbles

If your little one runs around the house like Tarzan, a jungle-inspired room could be the way to go. The Happy Jungle Animal is the perfect wall mural to add some real roar into your child’s room. The brightness of colour means this mural would work well against a whitewashed wall. Mix it up and accessorise with bright bedding and night lights.

Disney Inspired

Your kids can live the magic of their favourite film every day with a Disney-themed room. One of the most iconic scenes in the Disney Classic film, Lady and the Tramp, was when the pair lovingly shared a spaghetti bolognaise on the terrace of an Italian restaurant. Still one of the most-loved Disney films to-date, you can let your child relive the moment with this Lady and the Tramp wall mural. This scene will bring lots of love into the home, the neutral shades are simple to coordinate with and would work particularly well in your child’s bedroom. Contrasting shades of light blue and yellows are perfect for a new arrival and will complement the colours of the characters perfectly. Check out our other Disney themes available here.

Teen Theme

Spend some quality time with your teen by revamping their bedroom with one of our striking designs! Wall murals are extremely simple to put up, and can freshen up their room in a day. Our Retro Amplifier Wall Mural brings home a vintage feel with a modern twist - pair this with some colourful accessories to brighten the room. This particular wall mural looks great with block statement colours to revitalise the room.