Summer Decor Trends

We’re already seeing forecasted decor trends in preparation for spring/summer 2015. There seems to be huge versatility in both the design and colour themes for that season. With soft feminine accents, juxtaposing reclaimed features and statement colour pops, next summer is all about bringing some serious vibrancy into your home.

Flora and Fauna

The whole vintage reclaimed trend looks as though it’s here to stay. This trend has certainly evolved over the last year and we’ve started to notice it filtering into more floral motifs. The resurgence of stylised vintage florals and elements of nature has definitely become a common theme. Muted tones and soft playful pastels are a must to inspire calming and versatile schemes. Striking statements can be made simply by pairing bolder and complementary hues. A great way to enhance the nature element with a vintage twist is our Bright Florals mural - floral wallpaper is the perfect testament to this trend. To channel a contemporary flora and fauna look, try out the Sunbeam through Trees wall mural; natural elements echo the style of this design perfectly.

Beach House

Next summer we’re going to see the beach house trend come crashing in. With a classic blue and white contrast, crisp white furniture and clean lines, beach house is both refreshing and harmonious. This look is definitely all about accessorising. Oversized handmade glassware is what this trend is all about, as natural elements can be used to build a beach house haven; items such as woven baskets and hand blasted glass epitomise this trend. Shades of blue that reflect the colour of the ocean are a great way to resemble this trend, try using our Greek Island wall mural to channel this style to its fullest. If you’re looking for a moodier beach theme then try out the Palm Beach Sundown wall mural, which is perfect to channel the bright sunset purples we’re going to see in spring/summer 2015. Vibrant statement shades will work perfectly with this bold landscape.

Gothic Romance

Current colours and a little nod to the New Romantics era is prevalent in the Gothic Romance trend. Black and white hand sketched wallpaper is combined oh so perfectly with ornate, soft yet striking furnishings, which combine to create a stunning mix of sophistication and elegance. Although furnishings are elaborate, the colour palette for walls has a monochrome feel and furniture is relatively simplistic. Our designer wallpaper range is perfect to create this look; Core of Nature by Graham Samuels adds just the right amount of detail and still allows you to heavily accentuate different parts of your room.

These trends are simple to recreate at home and only require subtle changes. It’s truly incredible how much a wall mural can liven up your home. All three of these looks are perfect to preserve the summer freshness the whole year round.