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Channel the hallmark of the stripped-down industrial look and add a trendy edge to your interior. The elemental quality of exposed brickwork is found everywhere from the trendy loft apartments of New York, to the reclaimed warehouse accommodation in virtually every city in Europe. Achieve this interior aesthetic simply with the Photowall collection of brick wallpaper. Choose from a number of styles, including a very striking union jack “Britpop” look that would certainly dominate any room. Or for some true urban style you could choose the Photowall graffiti wallpaper. If you’re in a more rural setting you could reflect your environment with one of the Photowall slate-effect walls or stone wallpaper, or even an ancient wall that is being gradually overtaken by ivy. With the Photowall collection of brick wallpaper you can bring the outdoors, in, while channelling one of the most iconic interior trends.


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