Alternative ways

Feature walls are a great way to add a little something to your room - whether it’s a splash of colour, texture or pattern, there’s no doubt that wallpaper is a top decorating trick. Wall murals are also a great way of adding a flush of brightness and depth into your room – they’re incredibly easy to apply and can be used on more or less any kind of surface. Using wallpaper on anything other than a wall may at first seem a little unorthodox, but as wall murals are self-adhesive they actually provide a simple solution and a quick-fix method in transforming your home; allowing you to make the most of an otherwise neglected space.

Kitchen appliances

Products such as fridges are generally just left as bought – but they actually provide the perfect opportunity to inject some added personality into your kitchen. If your kitchen walls are neutral, you should try adding a bold wall mural pattern onto your fridge. Soft furnishings such as table mats can also provide a great opportunity to jazz up your dining table. Exaggerated, colourful patterns make the best statement on fridges; Wild at Heart is great to add some colour without being too vibrant.

Furniture restoration

The Upcycled, vintage furniture trend looks like it’s here to stay. Fitting in a small furniture project mean you can add in some beautiful bespoke pieces into your home. You can add some wall murals on the outer doors of wardrobes or on the top of units or drawers – this will add a whole new dimension to both your furniture and your room. For a vintage chest of drawers try True Ornament to reflect the history of the piece while giving it a fresh look.

Making the most of your space

With so many other rooms in your house, the hallway is possibly the least to get attention. A great way of adding a little detail is by using snippets of patterns going through your staircase. Doing this will make your staircase a focal point of your hallway similar to a feature wall in your bedroom. Photowall’s Finch White wallpaper is great to add detail without being too over the top in a small place – team this with white walls to expand the feel of your hallway.