Canvas prints

Canvas print with Do-it-yourself frame

Framing the print yourself is easy thanks to our smart Do-it-yourself frame – perfect results every time! The frame is supplied with everything you need to produce a finished canvas print, including fixings for hanging. The frame is 29 mm thick and is available in lengths (increasing in 10 cm intervals) from 40 cm to 150 cm. The canvas itself is pure cotton and of the highest quality.

We do not supply ready-framed canvas prints, which minimises the risk of transit damage. If, contrary to expectation, your canvas is damaged during transit, it will be replaced free of charge. Detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery.

Pure cotton canvas, 390 g/m²
Frame thickness 29 mm
Easy assembly

See assembly instructions (PDF)

Order canvas only

The canvas print can be ordered separately without a Do-it-yourself frame if so required. You will still need to specify an edge style when ordering a canvas print on its own. The edge can be black, white or a continuation of the image. The edge is always 29 mm and is added to your preferred canvas dimensions on each side.

If you choose canvas dimensions of 100 x 100 cm with the image as the edge, the supplied printed canvas will measure 106 x 106 cm.The maximum dimensions when ordering a canvas print without tenter are 500 cm x 150 cm (+ edge).